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Web Developer Intern

Want to build a website that you can point employers to? Want to learn various security protocols? Then come join our team!!

We are looking for an exciting Web Developer with a background in Ruby, Python, or Perl. We will consider any other programing languages as well. 

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Administrative Assistant Intern

Want to learn about  IT Management  and how that meshes with various administrative functions?

Come find your place with OpenPath then. We are looking for someone with little to no administrative experience that wants to learn and grow in the field of IT program administration.

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Grant Writer Intern

OpenPath is looking to receive grant money to fund our future projects and we are looking for a skilled grant writer to intern with us. This internship is un-paid, but it will provide a vast amount of experience, especially in International Grant Writing. It will teach the intern how to work in an technology setting, work with a team of diverse engineers, and how to strengthen skills in grant writing while building an admirable resume. The internship will be from December 15th, 2018 to December 15th, 2019. 

In the anticipation of a successful grants being written and funded, Grant Writing Interns will have full cost of laptop, internet services,  company cell phone provided, as well as the possibility to be extended a FT offer. 

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