Cybersecurity Consulting

Security Tools Implementation


OpenPath is capable of offering highly skilled cyber experts to implement various SIEM tools for network monitoring and threat detection. We also provide support for solutions that help detect network anomalies from possible bad actors. 

We work with numerous IDS, IPS, Firewalls, and other network edge and line devices to provide wholistic coverage of our customers' environments. Contact us today.

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Threat Monitoring


We monitor threats that are internal and external to our customers. Knowing that over 60% of  data exfiltration is insider initiated is a key indicator that most companies need better employee hygiene and governance.

We have a team of experts that can provide just that!

Threat Mitigation


Most customers hire us in hopes of preventing all threat vectors from successfully infiltrating their domain. This is not realistic and any company that tells you that is untruthful. 

The good news is that while you cannot prevent all threats against your company. You can learn from them and prevent your agency from falling under similar tactics and make it even harder for hackers and insiders from stealing valuable intellectual data.