Founding & Majority Partner(CEO)


Tierra Lebbie is responsible for OpenPath's overall strategy, vision, growth and profitability.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Sahr Lebbie is responsible for OpenPath's overall technological footprint, and internal CTO/CISO functions.

Engineering Leads

Cloud Architect and Spunk Implementation Instructor


Eric Tchmeiou is responsible for developing methods and strategies in scaling our cloud footprint. Eric is also one of our Training Consultants.  He is a Certified Splunk Consultant II and also holds various AWS certs as well.

Digital Marketing Specialist


We are looking for a talented Digital Marketing Specialist to market our brand to the world. If interested, please send us a message.

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Splunk Infrastructure

Splunk Team Lead


Temi Ajayi is currently serving as our day to day Spunk and Linux Administrator. Temi is responsible for all server builds for our  Splunk training classes and also for infrastructure support and content development.

Splunk Infrastructure Engineer


Kelly Saint Jean is currently working as our Splunk Infrastructure Engineer. She is great at on-boarding different log sources as well as identifying different critical infrastructure needs.

Splunk Content Developer


Yomi Idowu is responsible for all content development for the students of the training course. She also helps us develop various API integrations with various OpenSource tools/applications.

Network Engineers

Cloud Security Engineer


Rufus Gillette is one go our AWS Cloud engineers. As a Security+ and Network+ certified engineer, Rufus adds a security based focus on our engineering efforts, both internally as well as with clients.

Principal Network Security Architect


Lamin Mansaray serves as our primary network security architect. As a CCNA, CEH, CCSA, and VmWare certified engineer, Lamin brings a wealth of experience to our network security team.

Web Developer(Intern)


We are looking for a web developer that is looking to build out with us and expand their career. 

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